How To Wash Your Hair In Braids

Are you prone to sweating frequently at the gym while working out to keep that coca bottle shape? Do you wear your braids for more than 4-8 weeks and notice it smells like spoil milk? I know that it’s tempting not to wash your hair because the style look so good, but did you know that you are causing your hair and scalp more harm. But wait, there is a safe and easy way to wash your braids without damage. What I highly recommend is concentrating on just gently washing the scalp with a dry shampoo called herbal cleanse by Organic root stimulator                                                            

or using a moisturizing conditioning shampoo.
You can use the suggested products on cornrows, individual plaits, micro braids, tree braids, Senegalese twists and any other braiding styles. Make sure to gently use your fingertips to lather the scalp properly and use a clean towel to blot dry your scalp. Never use a blow dryer to dry your hair because it can dry your hair out and it can remove the natural look of the braids. If you follow my directions, your braids will hold the style and your scalp will smell clean and it will moisturize your hair to help it grow.

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